Lyric is an alternative asset management and consulting firm, specializing in life settlements. Lyric’s principals have been investment managers of life settlements since 2004 and have extensive experience in obtaining, synthesizing and analyzing the data which is critical to decision making. We have evaluated, managed or funded over 4,000 policies. 

The firm is actively engaged in all aspects of policy evaluation, trading and management, with a special focus on risk analysis, financial analysis and asset servicing.  Lyric offers a fully comprehensive solution to investors.  All functions necessary to originate, evaluate, and service settlements are performed in-house by our team of experienced professionals.  We fully understand what is required to successfully manage life assets.

Others focus on size and scale, and offer one-size-fits-all solutions.  We recognize that differences in portfolio size, investment style and risk tolerance demand varied approaches.  We customize our recommendations and services to meet the needs of each client, and never compromise on our core value: integrity.