Our technology philosophy is to focus on clean, simple functionality, rock solid reliability and robust security.  Our systems are built on proven technologies at levels that are customized to our clients’ needs.  We constantly invest in our systems, adding capabilities to improve cybersecurity, data integrity/accuracy and functionality. 

For reliability, our applications and databases are cloud-based and housed in enterprise level data centers with 99.9% uptime.  All client electronic data and documents are backed-up daily.

We protect our clients’ data through a combination of user level and machine level security.  Only an authorized user working from an authorized computer can access the system.  Our servers can only be reached through our private, point-to-point, encrypted network.  Once connected, Lyric’s applications have an additional layer of password protection, restricting access to authorized uses.  In addition, Lyric has no public-facing servers, greatly reducing the risk of a hacking attack.